Feedback & next steps

Our official consultation period concluded on Friday 9th July.

We would like to thank all those in the local community who took part and provided valuable feedback on our proposals for Guildford Plaza.

We will be updating the local community in due course as the plans progress – so please do let us know if you would also like to receive the latest updates on our proposals and the planning application in the coming months by getting in touch with us via email, freephone or via the webform on this website.

The project team has reviewed all feedback and has looked to respond or incorporate your comments and suggestions into the proposals.

Below is a summary of your feedback and the project team’s response.

Traffic and parking

We recognise that some residents have concerns about the risk of parking overspill and would like to highlight that the target market will be attracted to this scheme because they want to live in a town centre location. In general, car ownership among the age group in our target market is declining, particularly in urban locations, and the close proximity of the development to the train and bus stations underlines the probability of low car use requirements amongst residents.

The scheme’s car-free status is a key element of our response to Guildford Borough Council’s declaration of a climate emergency and aligns with the Council’s strategy to minimise parking and promote more sustainable travel in and around the town centre. We believe schemes like Guildford Plaza can make a valuable contribution to sustainable living by enabling more people to live and work in close proximity to the town centre and encouraging walking and cycling to access the existing facilities and services in Guildford.

We are proposing a total of six parking spaces, including two blue badge spaces to support potential residents with mobility needs; two-car club spaces to support local schemes that encourage people to rent a car only when necessary, and two spaces for on-site maintenance needs. All spaces will have electric charging capability.


Tiger Developments’ proposed scheme follows a similar footprint to that of the previously approved PegasusLife scheme, but through careful design has managed to make more efficient use of the site and increase the number of potential future residents. The nature of a co-living scheme is such that it is a rental product that appeals to a younger age profile who enjoy sharing their living and working environment, but at the same time are likely to spend a significant proportion of their time working and socialising in Guildford with a beneficial increase in economic spend for surrounding businesses.

Daylight and privacy

Tiger’s proposals follow the massing of the approved PegasusLife scheme.

The project team will be undertaking a sunlight/daylight study as part of the proposals and, as part of this, will ensure that any impact on the neighbouring properties is minimised as far as possible. Initial modelling suggests that the impact will be no more than that of the previously consented PegasusLife scheme, which passed all required standards.

Design and materials

The design for the consented scheme for Pegasus Life took inspiration from some of the historic industrial buildings of Guildford and farther afield, notable examples are the Rodboro buildings and the Billings.  While we have taken some of these ideas as a common starting point, particularly the use of brick as a dominant material, we have sought to bring other ideas to enrich and enhance the design including: 
  • Variation to the brick, where we have introduced two different brick types to provide more variation to the four blocks and better reflect the grain and scale of the neighbourhood.

  • A less formal and more playful arrangement of windows reflecting the slight ad hoc arrangement and varied styles of the neighbouring buildings along Bury Street and Millmead Terrace.

  • Other treatments of brickwork, including projecting headers to give different textures to the surfaces of the building.

  • We are proposing windows and balconies with metalwork whose colours and textures give a nod to the historic use of the site as a brewery and glassworks, with the detail presented in a simple and contemporary way.
The overall effect will be of forward-looking and contemporary architecture, which has suitable respect for the many different architectures of neighbouring buildings.

Flood risk

The drainage strategy designed for the project will ensure that rainfall is attenuated on site and discharged to the public surface water sewer at a low rate acceptable to the drainage authority.

Anti-social behaviour and noise pollution

Tiger Developments will ensure that the scheme’s tight and efficient management includes keeping any noise issues under control. As a landlord, we will be in a strong position to enforce breaches – including the sub-letting of units on Airbnb, the prohibition of which will be strictly enforced.

Our residents will be attracted to this scheme, in part, because it offers a secure living environment as they take the first step in their careers, connect with other professionals and make use of the on-site facilities that will help them to socialise and work.

Tiger Developments has also considered carefully the best way of minimising disruption from deliveries and servicing. Our strategy for servicing is to have three servicing points along Bury Street to avoid pressure on one single location. We will also ensure that the scheme’s management establishes a proper regime for the receipt and handling of deliveries – either of online shopping or takeaways.