What is Co-Living

The high cost of urban living has forced many young people to move away from their place of work, to find good accommodation at an affordable rent, but with the added problem of then spending a high percentage of their income on travel costs.

Co-living is a modern and innovative living solution targeted at graduates and young professionals, offering high-quality affordable accommodation in urban locations that they otherwise may not be able to afford through the private rental market. Co-living is about providing a convenient, flexible living environment and creating a ‘shared experience’ lifestyle, which strongly appeals to the millennial generation.

An all-inclusive and flexible tenancy model, based around safe and secure, professionally-managed accommodation creates an attractive stepping stone from academic to working life, enabling people to build roots in the area, before they take the next step into perhaps purchasing their own home. Co-living also appeals to project-based workers who need short to medium-term accommodation, but who do not want the isolation that an extended stay in a hotel would otherwise provide.